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A Word from Our Partners

  • Abeo

    "As an industry leader, 电车无码 plays a valuable role in assisting us with driving our revenue cycle business forward."

    -Jody Hinton, Senior Vice President, Operations

  • Hyland Healthcare

    "Aligning with 电车无码 is exciting because our combined scale can deliver meaningful improvements to healthcare providers and payers looking to fully leverage unstructured content throughout their enterprises."

    -Susan deCathelineau, SVP, Global Healthcare Sales and Services

  • Plexis Healthcare Systems

    "Working with 电车无码 enables PLEXIS to offer its payer clients solutions which help address much of the end-to-end lifecycle of claims management, cost containment, and decision support, saving time and money, and greatly reducing the burden of vendor management."

    -Sean Garrett, C.O.O.

  • RxNT

    "RXNT鈥檚 Practice Management solution with integrated processing from 电车无码 means that physician practices and billing companies are able to bill faster and more accurately, leading to fewer denials, reduced A/R, and a more productive staff. The bottom-line effect for providers and billing companies is that the RXNT-电车无码 partnership enables them to reduce costs and increase revenue."

    -Tom Collinson, EVP Business Development

  • Zenith Transaction Services

    "The tight spot in the revenue cycle hour glass is EDI. 电车无码 consistently navigates this challenging space with aplomb. The service offering includes exciting new concepts such as edits driven by artificial intelligence. At the same time the rigor and reliability of the traditional core claims and remittance processing remains top of mind. As important, 电车无码 understands the need for accessible and responsive professional internal contacts which can assist in ensuring end user satisfaction. Our high opinion of 电车无码 continues to grow."

    -Matthew F. Gockerman, Director 鈥 Corporate Services

  • Advanced Data Systems Corp.

    "Perhaps the most critical hurdle for any specialty is getting paid. Advanced Data Systems Corp. (ADS) clients comprise thousands of system operators who process hundreds of millions of EDI transactions annually via 电车无码, ensuring they're paid the maximum for every claim. Being on the Partner Advisory team, we're able to beta test new products putting ADS and our clients at the forefront of new and powerful EDI solutions. ADS is excited to be testing 电车无码鈥檚 new Claims Lifecycle Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enhancement as part of their already robust claims management suite. Assurance Reimbursement Management鈩 Denial Propensity Scoring and Revenue Performance Advisor Denial Prevention will allow our clients to proactively identify claims that could result in denials, and remediate potential issues before submitting those claims. Tools such as these, and our partnership with 电车无码, bring extraordinary value to our client base."

    -Sheryl Miller, EVP Sales & Business Development

  • Mphasis Eldorado

    "The partnership between Mphasis Eldorado and 电车无码 has been in existence for years and continues to grow and evolve with the healthcare marketplace. We depend upon their partnership for practical solutions as well for their vision into solving tomorrow鈥檚 problems 鈥 we are jointly focused on using advanced technologies to avail relevant information and tools to support members as they make healthcare decisions which are right for their lives. We are better together than apart and the energy in the partnership has never been higher."

    -Sally Else, President

  • Brightree

    "Through the relationship we鈥檝e built with the team at 电车无码, Brightree has processed hundreds of millions of claims via 电车无码. This collaboration enables our customers to quickly and efficiently get the reimbursements they鈥檝e earned."

    -Steve Rogers, VP Product Management

  • MDConnection (La Jolla Digital, LLC)

    "I was tasked with finding a new clearinghouse. I decided on 电车无码 and it was one of the best business decisions I've made. Everyone was so helpful with the implementation process ensuring a smooth transition for my business. 电车无码 is a great company, I am very pleased with the services they provide, and I look forward to partnering with them for many years to come."

    -Clark Terrill, CEO


    "Making our clients happy and efficient is certainly a priority for us.... partnering with 电车无码 has enabled us to provide enhanced product and services to our customers. The responsiveness, knowledge, and expertise the 电车无码 team brings to the table is lending to our success as an organization."

    -Barbara E. Cuthbert, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

  • ClearCare, a WellSky Company

    鈥淲e are entering a revolution in personal care, wherein health plans and hospitals recognize the impact that interventions as simple as food preparation or help with simple, non-medical activities of daily living can have on their highest utilization patients. As the hurdles to reimbursement for home care are removed, ClearCare powered by WellSky is ready to help personal care agencies across the country facilitate operations and streamline payments for their invaluable services. By collaborating with 电车无码, we are able to create a remarkably efficient, accurate, and easy-to-use system, providing a critical piece to our platform as agencies need it most."

    -Geoff Nudd, CEO

  • Hinge Health

    Companies in the digital health space are trending toward using more purpose-built APIs to manage specific parts of the patient access and billing workflows. We鈥檙e using 电车无码鈥檚 Eligibility API to verify new applicants across multiple payers and deliver speedy implementation for our customers.

    -Nathan Swartley, Director of Product聽

  • PatientPal

    电车无码 has enabled PatientPal to provide our customers with the information they need in order to determine insurance eligibility and benefits in real time. Not only do they provide the best APIs in the industry, but they also provide an unparalleled level of support, and are always there to assist with any issue. 电车无码's data quality and reliability, along with their nationwide coverage, allows us to offer our customers exactly what they are looking for at a price that can't be beat.

    鈥 Adam Vartikar, CEO and Co-Founder聽

  • Florence

    As a healthcare provider that uses technology to enhance our patient and clinician experience, Florence is always looking for ways to discover and use trusted solutions.聽聽 Accessing 电车无码鈥檚 portfolio of APIs on AWS Marketplace has allowed us to quickly learn about and purchase the APIs that have refreshingly modern tech specifications, easy-to-understand pricing, and a simple contract.聽 Using the on-demand purchasing method has been an extremely effective and efficient on-ramp for us to enter 电车无码鈥檚 product universe before making a large investment and commitment, which we are ultimately now making.聽 Florence has reduced the time it takes to contract and implement these solutions, enabling us to deliver more value to our patients.

    -Jake Halpert, Founder and CEO聽

  • Simple SEO Group

    Simple SEO Group is a design, development, and marketing agency that helps companies streamline operations through customized software solutions. The company needed a secure healthcare API solution that was HIPAA compliant and could improve insurance verification for healthcare clients. By procuring 电车无码鈥檚 insurance API in AWS Marketplace, Simple SEO Group was able to achieve its corporate goals. The API enabled the company to develop custom software solutions for medical professionals that reduced administrative headcount, saved money, and enhanced the patient experience. The tool was easy to deploy from AWS Marketplace and is one that Simple SEO Group expects to use for future integrations.聽聽 电车无码鈥檚 Insurance Eligibility API automated the insurance verification process 鈥 reducing it from 30 minutes to 30 seconds or less.

    -Brendan Egan, Founder and CEO聽

  • Grow Therapy

    As a technology-enabled mental health group, we are on a mission to help clients find affordable mental healthcare. 电车无码聽supports our efforts by providing a developer experience where API functionality is easily explored, tested, and purchased 鈥撯 which not only allows us to make the connections that our customers need, but saves months of development time and expense.

    -Jake Cooper, CEO聽

  • Autism Technologies, Inc.

    Astrid is a measurement-based care platform.聽 Just after the integration of Astrid's AI-powered reporting system and 电车无码's revenue cycle management API's聽we were able to identify and help recover over $300,000 for one of our largest clients.聽 We鈥檙e excited to continue to expand our services offering while leveraging 电车无码 APIs to support our growth and our mission of helping service providers and families聽ease the process of caregiving for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.聽

    - Jim Tafur, CEO and Co-founder聽

  • WeInfuse

    电车无码's APIs help consolidate and manage transactions with a plug-and-play format. These solutions streamline the intake process for eligibility and benefits verification, claims submission, processing, and payments.

    - Reece Norris, Co-Founder & COO聽

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